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2015 autumn winter kayra container models, 2016 kayra collection container

2015 autumn winter kayra container models, 2016 kayra collection container
Kayra Container Model 2015 summer

 2015 autumn winter kayra container models, 2016 kayra collection container
Kayra Container Model 2015 summer
Hijab's name in gold letters on the top row of the clothing brand Print Kayra, as every season is beautiful and fine veil from each other in this season confronts us with the clothing material. Whether its products to satisfy us, he manages to be happy. Container models is one of the indispensable ladies wear the veil. So the convenience of door elegance and quality attitude is also very important. Container models produced by Kayra, elegance, quality posture, comfort reveals. Since it was about embarrassing us out, do not disappoint Kayra, the model produced by the container, the other continues to consolidate its throne veiling our hearts with clothing.
Not start to warm weather in spring and summer collections began to heat our house. Summer catalog shoot in accordance with the concept of the collection is done outdoors, in the spring and summer of 2015 we started to come one after the other, we should have some idea of ​​what to expect.

ESET is the count of clothing brands that come to mind Kayra's 2015 spring-summer collection with models and colors that will warm our house in full. Container models, tunics, vests favorite pieces of the collection. Pinks, ekru, Pots, is full of spring colors orange ...
Draws our attention to the first part of the collection container can be used double-sided models. One side of the container models are designed with a flat on the other side of the plaid fabric may be favorite, especially young women. A twofer will make us give a chance to dress up according to the model, or combination that you set the mood.
If we continue to examine the collection container models tassel detail emerges. Pastels synonymous with spring, making this year a surprise elegant blue-black combinations.
Kayra 2015 spring-summer collection of marine models and the spring waist pleated cap sleeves vests to renew the closet, those who want to renew the color offers many alternatives.
Hijab is one ambitious lady acclaimed brand in the clothing area Kayra Hijab Clothing. Kayra 2015 spring-summer coat on container models let a look istedik.yaz like radiance of the sun, where we feel the most naive the horseman of the flowers in this season overcoats and caps.
* 2015 As Kayra Outerwear classic overcoat, jeans, linen overcoats are also available.
* Again this season with trendy bat sleeves, we see a collection of zipper coat.
* A sleek, double-breasted coat with a charm that appeals to women who want to be different.
* With buttons, snaps, belt and chain detailing topcoat include details that strikes the eye.
Wearing out feature of the young brothers and preferred working women who were able to find the colors of the season in containers. (Banana peel, hyacinth, white, blue, pink and so on.) Salas, with classic and sports styles and colors 2015 season Kayra 2015 Topcoat container Models with you. Let's examine together our Kayra Topcoat container Models galleries we have prepared for you.

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